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There isn't any Poison Oak or Ivy in Hawaii or Idaho; thus, it wasn't a thought for the past 25 years in my mind. I got into Poison Oak/Ivy once in California and discovered how horribly allergic I was. Like I'd rather die next time, thank you.

Well, as would happen, someone mentioned in conversation that there are vines (called Kudzu) that choke off and kill the trees; common in Tennessee.

So I thought, "oh yes!," We have those on some of our trees in our backyard.

That next weekend I fire up my chainsaw, and off I go to "save the trees". I was whacking these horrible vines off all those poor trees! All 10 of them!

I bet you can guess the rest of the story!

It was ALL Poison Ivy. All of it. Two steroid shots and two rounds of prednisone later, I'm still itching three weeks later!

This is stuff nightmares are made of! Later I'm told by the "locals," (who know) it's not a matter of if you will get into it; it's when you get it! It's everywhere!

I won't even go look for a lost golf ball anymore. Everything green now is my enemy!

Being a bit entrepreneurial, I thought someone should create an app for phones that automatically alarms you that you are near poison ivy! Like a Geiger counter!

Well, no such thing, but I did find an app that allows you to take a picture of any plant, and it will tell you what it is! Yeah!

Here's the name of the app. "Picture This".

It's awesome! You take a picture, it scans the plant and tells you what it is! Very cool!

So, just so you know, Tennessee has Poison Oak and Ivy, and hopefully, nothing else I'm unaware of.

Here are some pictures!

You've been warned!

Pictures depict Poison Ivy above and Poison Oak below. Always three leaves.

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