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There are 95 Counties in the State of Tennessee.

As with many states these days, Tennessee's population is on the rise. It's mild weather, so much to see and do and see (some of the best food in the Nation and some of the Best Music and low cost of living~no state income tax as well).

Tennessee is situated in the southeastern region of the country. It is the 36th most extensive state covering an area of approximately 42,143 square miles. With a population of about 6.7 million inhabitants, Tennessee is the 16th most populous state. The eastern part of the state is dominated by the Appalachian Mountains, while the Mississippi River forms its western border. What is currently the state of Tennessee was part of North Carolina and later part of the Southwest Confederacy. Tennessee is bordered by eight other states, the most of any other state besides Missouri. Tennessee is bordered by Kentucky and Virginia in the north, North Carolina in the east, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi in the south, and Arkansas and Missouri in the west.

We talked a bit about employment in another blog. Here is another summary and website to check out for much more detail.

Visit here to enter your industry and see your cost of living calculator.


It's true Tennessee has one of the best music scenes in the US. From old-time legends Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton to B.B. King and Elvis Presley, some of the most famous names in music have called Tennessee “home.”

Today, the state remains a hub for all sorts of music, including country, rock and roll, bluegrass, soul, and R&B. Nashville is even referred to as America’s “Music City,” thanks to its never-ending list of music festivals, music venues, and live performances. Watch the webcam to Nashville here.

If you haven’t been to Nashville, there are bans on every floor of every building going almost around the clock. And need I say, it's great music!


Tennessee’s food and dining scene is as eclectic as it is iconic.

From southern classics (think: barbecue, meat and threes, and hot fried chicken) to renowned, elegant cuisine (think: Blackberry Farm’s delectable menus and Nashville’s James Beard award-winning restaurants), Tennessee is home to some of the very best food in the world. With such a diverse mix of fare, foodies will certainly find all they’re looking for and more in the Volunteer State.

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